Bitcoin bitten?

It looks like the roller coaster ride of Bitcoin has been bitten-off somewhat. As the Economist reports, China has prohibited transacting for Bitcoin, seeing the virtual currency's value plummet in conjunction with increasing concerns about the speculative drivers of Bitcoin's valuation. Still, as Mark Twain may have remarked, reports of Bitcoin's sino-demise may be premature, […]

Reserve Banks and Bitcoin

The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia recently provided his thoughts on the Bitcoin phenomenon: Other central banks around the world have also thrown their two-cents in about Bitcoin - a good summary is set out in this Guardian article.

Bitcoin: the Virtual Currency Revolution

Online or 'virtual' currency - currency created through online networks and infrastructure rather than through central-bank issuance - is emerging globally as an increasingly popular transactional tool. Epitomised by products such as "Bitcoin", virtual currency has the potential to significantly impact transactional and financial markets. Bitcoin's origins lay in theoretical computer science and cryptographic debates […]